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The timer shows you how much time is left to make a decision.


Choose an option via mouse or keyboard (left/right).


Ultimately you can see your choices, all other players‘ choices and share the experience with friends.

The Story


3 Rules is about Chris and Max and the first deal of their life. The product is ready and the rules are clear, but is everything going to work out as planned? This is where you come in as you are the one making the choices in this movie!

The Project


3 Rules is an interactive short film from Germany, which was shot and produced by the Berlin based agency Die Hobrechts in collaboration with Christoph Drobig. Originally planned as a simple prototype to define a interactive show concept, it has evolved to a standalone short movie. Our goal was to create an interactive movie, which can be played by our mothers (worked out well), within a short development time (didn‘t work out that well...).

The Sponsors



The Team



Leander Modersohn
Christoph Drobig
Christian Viktor Keune
Volker Wackermann
Jan Schirmer
Natalie Grier


Christoph Drobig
Christoph Brosius
Severin Brettmeister
Daniel Helbig

Production Manager

Ruben Silberling


Daniel Helbig
Axel Melzener
Christoph Drobig


Anna Timm

Directed by

Christoph Brosius
Christoph Drobig

1. Assistant Director

Madli Moos


Roberta Malizia

Director of Photographie

Jakob Ebert


Michael Schneider


Steffi Scherf

Best Boy Electrician

Clemens Szelies

Art Director

Sarah Horton

Dressing Props

Jonathan Uhl


Marian Goepel

Sound Mixer

Gunther Lebbe
Marin Vrbica

Boom Operator

Svenn Ferfer

Costume Design

Franziska Baldt

Set Costumer

Hilke Paulsen

Makeup Artists

Katharina de Malotki
Secil Balamut


Peter Edel
Severin Brettmeister
Gregor Woitczyk


Caroline Schaeffer
Daniel Helbig


Christoph Brosius
Kutluer Yilmaz


Aurora Musiklabor

Color Grading & Encoding

Sebastian Böhm

Audio Editors & Sound Designer

Marin Vrbica
Gunther Lebbe


Gregor Woitczyk

Interface Designer

Severin Brettmeister

"Cyborg inside"

by ©2011 Kutllu Yilmaz & Piotr Lukasik

Special thanks:

Jan Wegener, the Mohr Models crew and the whole Drobig family!